Our clients come from all over Gloucestershire and we’re very proud of the amount of recommendations we receive for our quality carpet cleaning service. We believe our tried and tested techniques are responsible for our success and they form the step by step process we follow on every clean.
The Ecoclean Process:

  1. We carry out a close inspection and evaluation of fibres and stains.
  2. The carpet is vacuumed using a fine filtration vacuum to remove any surface dirt.
  3. All furniture is carefully moved and walls are protected with corner guards.
  4. The whole carpet is pre-sprayed and difficult stains are pre-treated.
  5. The pre-spray is agitated.
  6. The area undergoes our hot water extraction procedure which is commonly known as steam cleaning.
  7. We inspect the area and any stubborn stains are removed.
  8. The furniture is put back with protective foils intact.
  9. Stain protectant is applied along with dust mite treatment if required.
  10. The final stages of grooming are undertaken.
  11. We invite you in and a final inspection is carried out.
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