Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Here at Eco Clean, we use the very latest green technology and offer an eco-friendly solution to the cleaning requirements of both domestic and commercial clients. We strive to ensure that there are no hazardous or toxic elements present at any stage of your clean.

Every product in our eco-friendly range uses powerful natural ingredients combined with advanced biotechnology techniques. The resulting range of cleaning products offers fantastic results without compromising on performance or safety, our two main priorities.

As each product originates from renewable sources and is manufactured using 100% plant based materials, you can rest assured that they are safe to use, store and dispose of.

The range is unique and offers environmentally aware companies, such as Eco Clean, an alternative to using toxic products in their service.

The range is:

  • Derived from sustainable sources
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Antibacterial and anti-viral due to its unique natural molecular cleaning action
  • Non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life
  • Non-reactive to chemicals such as chlorine bleach

Each product contains:

  • NO ammonia
  • NO animal products
  • NO bacteria or enzymes
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO isopropyl alcohol
  • NO phosphates
  • NO solvents (apart from water)
  • NO synthetic chemicals
  • NO harmful ingredients
  • NO soap or detergents

Carpets can be found in most homes but, when they are neglected, they make perfect breeding grounds for the likes of mould and mildew. Dust mites can also invade and multiply at incredible rates and are a likely cause of health problems.

Every time you walk indoors, your shoes bring in anything and everything from the outside world: animal faeces, soil, lawn chemicals, lead dust, asbestos fibres from automotive brake linings, food particles and more. Minimise the risk and keep your carpets in top condition with Eco Clean carpet and upholstery cleaning of Gloucestershire.


Having pets can be very rewarding but, as their owner, you can expect accidents to happen every now and again. Kittens and puppies in particular can cause mysterious stains to appear and it’s not always enough to remove the stain at the surface. Stains can spread further unbeknown to you but our system is designed to cleanse and deodorise all traces, meaning that your carpet and upholstery is truly clean.

Get in touch with Eco Clean today and put your mind at rest.

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