Professional Carpet Cleaning in Painswick

If your carpets aren’t looking quite as vibrant as they once were and you’re looking for a trained, trusted and reliable company that provides professional carpet cleaning in Painswick, you’re in the right place.

When you get your carpets cleaned by the EcoClean team, you can rest assured that you carpet is in the heads of a team you can trust.

Visibly stunning transformations!

When you choose EcoClean as your local carpet cleaners, you’re going to see visibly stunning results, every time.

Using the latest eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, combined with a truck mounted cleaning system which provides 10x the power of the portable appliances used by other carpet cleaners in Painswick, we’re able to lift stains, eradicate dirt and leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling brand new.

Safer, smarter carpet cleaning equipment.

The carpet cleaning methods we use at EcoClean are not only more effective in cleaning – they’re also more convenient for you. Our machine leaves your carpet almost completely dry, which helps to prevent re-soiling and means you can sooner continue life as normal at home.

On top of that, our methods leave no nasty residues or chemicals behind, so they are 100% safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers. You can also say goodbye to any mould, pet hair, flea eggs, and dust mites.

Areas we cover include: Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Ledbury, Herefordshire, Painswick, Forest of Dean, Cirencester.

Ready to revitalise your carpet?

So, if you’re looking for a team of trained, qualified and trusted carpet cleaners in Painswick to revitalise your carpet, get in touch with us now for a free no obligation quote.

Call us directly on the number above or complete the short contact form on this page and we’ll get right back to you!

Qualified, insured and trusted throughout Cirencester

Rest assured, EcoClean are fully insured and can guarantee a healthy, clean and fresh carpet. We are a member of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association, approved by the National Carpet Cleaners Association and are a certified operator of WoolSafe. We are also a Which? trusted trader and meet the government endorsed standards of TrustMark.

With many years providing professional carpet cleaning in Painswick for both domestic and commercial customers, we are now highly trusted throughout the local community, with many local families and businesses having lots of nice things to say about us!

How we clean your carpets

So, how is it we produce such consistently amazing results for our customers?

The EcoClean Process:

  1. We carry out a close inspection and evaluation of fibres and stains.
  2. The carpet is vacuumed using a fine filtration vacuum to remove any surface dirt.
  3. All furniture is carefully moved and walls are protected with corner guards.
  4. The whole carpet is pre-sprayed and difficult stains are pre-treated.
  5. The pre-spray is agitated.
  6. The area undergoes our hot water extraction procedure which is commonly known as steam cleaning.
  7. We inspect the area and any stubborn stains are removed.
  8. The furniture is put back with protective foils intact.
  9. Stain protectant is applied along with dust mite treatment if required.
  10. The final stages of grooming are undertaken.
  11. We invite you in and a final inspection is carried out.

Stain Treatment

Accidents happen, it’s a fact of life, and when they do we can help. We use advanced stain treatment processes and a huge selection of specialist solutions to provide the best chance of removing that stain. We often tackle coffee stains, tea stains, red wine stains, paint spills, make up stains, wax stains and even more unusual ones with success.

Stain Protection

Once your carpet is thoroughly deep down clean you can help to protect it from those spills by choosing for us to apply a protectant. This prevents liquids sinking into the carpet fibres rapidly which means anything that ends up on the carpet is easier to remove. Our protector has the added bonus of killing dust mites.

What People Say

Our Google Reviews

Called in the morning and came in the afternoon to clean flat, really impressive service and friendly staff. Would recommend them to anyone.
Joe Stas
Joe Stas
16:06 22 Nov 23
A brilliant service at realistic prices. Very business like & organised.2 gentlemen arrived ,listened & then got on with cleaning 3 carpets.A superb job carried out & I am very satisfied with their work.
Claire Cooper
Claire Cooper
06:10 22 Jul 23
Excellent service. My chairs look like new.
Helen Harris
Helen Harris
21:53 24 Jun 21
Excellent service. The end results exceeded my expectations. I would recommend ecoclean
Remy Peebles
Remy Peebles
05:52 25 Feb 21
Such amazing service, I didn’t expect all of the stains on our sofa to come out but they look good as new. Such friendly and professional service, I have already recommended your service to friends.
Becky Ellis
Becky Ellis
19:04 01 Oct 20
Brilliant work by Ryan yesterday. He cleaned our 15 year old leather suite and made it look like new! So pleased with it, thank you again.
Sandra Hughes
Sandra Hughes
07:48 18 Jan 20
Once again ,a fantastic service from Ecoclean.Have a carpet at work which gets so filthy.The Ecoclean guys restore it so brilliantly.What I like most (apart from the friendly staff) is the smell of the products used are subtle.I hate strong,fake fragrances but these are very pleasant.The work is fast,super efficient & dry within 2 hours.Booking them for home too again.
Sofas Woodchester
Sofas Woodchester
11:35 12 Jan 20
An excellent service and very professional!! My sofa was cleaned and they did a fantastic job, thank you!! They are very recommended!!
Alison Hughes
Alison Hughes
22:02 16 Jul 18
Great service, fab job and friendly guys! Highly recommend Eco clean. Will definatly be using again in the future.
Shelly Brown
Shelly Brown
21:00 16 Mar 17
Seeing ecoclean's machines and skills in action, I've been amazed what a difference they can make to anything you walk on or sit on. I thought a 'diy' carpet cleaner did a good job. I was wrong.
Nettl Glos&Chelt
Nettl Glos&Chelt
22:33 23 Jun 16
The Ecoclean service is efficient and thorough, and the team is polite and good to have around. They do an immaculate job and seem to be able to remove even the toughest stain without any fuss, leaving the carpets as good as new!
Sali Wij
Sali Wij
10:08 22 Jun 16
Ryan and his guys are great at what they do, the before and after pictures Eco Clean often share are no camera trickery that's for sure. If you don't think it can be cleaned I'd urge you to speak to these guys first.
Alex Kell
Alex Kell
14:54 11 May 16
What can I say, these guys know their stuff. After seeing the technologies, the care and the dedication of Ryan and his staff, it was an easy decision for me to engage Ecoclean.A great decision, I was not disappointed.
Craig Hellen
Craig Hellen
07:56 11 May 16

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

How long will it take to dry?
Your carpets will be almost dry by the time we leave; certainly dry enough to walk on and they will usually be fully dry in 2-4 hours. Carpets with deeper piles or carpets that were heavily stained can take longer but we will do all we can to keep the drying time to a minimum.
Do I have to empty the room of furniture?
No, we will move the furniture and replace it afterwards though we do recommend you move anything which is easily breakable to a safe place!
Is your cleaning method ‘green’?
We use one of the most eco-friendly cleaning solutions available. Our technology has been tested to ensure that all compounds that are considered toxic or otherwise hazardous to the environment are not present in this unique formulation. It’s derived from renewable sources and is safe in use and disposal.
How often should I have my carpet cleaned?
Because our system cleans deeply and dries quickly it takes longer for your carpet to re-soil. Most of our customers have their carpets cleaned every 9 months or so but it really does depend on how much the carpet is used and this comes down to how many people live in the house etc.
Why shouldn’t I just hire a machine from the supermarket and do it myself?
There’s a lot more to carpet cleaning than you think! Self-hire machines use old fashioned shampoo and often wet the carpet far too much.
They have very little power to recover what you spray out of them, resulting in a bad smell for days and rapid re-soiling.
Our experience means we use the correct amount of moisture, reducing drying time to a minimum and removing all the waste from your carpet. All waste is taken away and the whole process is much easier than cleaning your own carpet!
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