Accidents happen, we often get called to clean up spills of various types (often involving children!) and offer emergency call out. If you do spill something then the thing to remember is not to panic, simply blot up as much of the stain as you can using a white cloth...

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Getting rid of unwanted visitors – Flea treatments

As the weather gets warmer a flea problem that has been hidden over winter can often show up…remember we are qualified textile pest controllers and can sort this problem out for you for far less than you might think, don’t waste money on flea treatments you can buy in...

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Stain removal after the party

2017 is upon us, and that might mean you need to clean up after seeing in the new year! Parties can be messy and often there are spillages on your carpet or hard floor to remind you of what a great night everyone had, red wine, coffee and other drinks, food or...

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