Stone Floor Cleaning Gloucestershire

Stone floor cleaning in Gloucestershire is becoming extremely popular day by day. More and more homes are choosing natural stone floor due to its outstanding beauty and durability, a properly maintained stone floor will last for a very long time.

It’s important to look after it correctly to keep it at it’s best. With regular professional stone floor cleaning to restore the surface and keep it hygienically clean.

We’re experts in stone floor cleaning in Glouestershire and beyond. Maintaining and restoring all types of stone flooring such as Limestone, Travertine, Victorian clay tiles, Slate, Quarry tiles, and Terracotta to bring your floor back to life.

We can also repair cracks and other damage to Limestone and Travertine before sealing the surface to prevent a deep soil build up in the damaged area.


stone floor cleaning
stone floor cleaning

If a deep clean is not sufficient to restore this type of stone floor we offer a polishing service which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Modern technology, training and the most advanced solutions mean we can also successfully remove a large variety of staining.

Ranging from stone floors to red wine, oil stains, wax etc that would have required replacement of the tiles not so long ago.

We’re always happy to offer a free survey and no obligation quote designed to meet your exact requirements. We will discuss with you in order to offer you various options, so feel free to either use the contact form or call us for further details.

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Stone floor cleaning procedure

We will inspect your stone and note any areas that require specific treatments and explain these to you

All furniture is removed and surrounding areas protected where necessary

Dry soil removal
Using a high filtration vacuum we will remove as much dry particulate as possible to prevent pushing it further into the stone in the next stage

Wet cleaning
We apply solutions specifically chosen for your type of stone and agitate with one of our mechanical agitation machines, again specifically chosen to suit your individual floor. Edges and hard top reach areas are agitated by hand to ensure a uniform clean.

We remove the cleaning solution along with the suspended soiling and rinse with a suitable solution to balance the pH of your floor to suit the type of stone

We apply a sealer offering you a variety of shine level of matt, satin or high gloss to prevent soil from penetrating the freshly cleaned tiles and grout to make sure your floor is easy for you to maintain and that it will stay clean for longer. This also acts as a wear layer.

We can clean and restore both commercial and domestic

Travertine, Limestone, Victorian Clay tiles, Quarry Tiles, Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Slate tiles, Marble, Karndean, Amtico, Alto safety flooring, Terrazzo, Terracotta, Linoleum, Rubber, PVC, Vinyl, Wood and Laminate.



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